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By studying in depth the details of sporting events, your chances of winning increase. Pay particular attention to the following aspects: - The level of their opponents - the state of their recent form - Comparisons between previous opponents - the specific environment of the meeting (motivation, stakes, playing field, weather conditions .. .)

Taking into account these elements, ask now whether the share given by the bookmaker is higher than your calculations. To go further and achieve the best predictions, football predictions follow the advice on the below: If you're passionate about football and want to carry out winning bets on your favorite sports with greater frequency, discover the key elements to be taken into account before building a prediction about football. Any bookmaker you have chosen for your bets , the following tips are intended to help you achieve the best odds on football matches. Taking into consideration these tips, you'll increase your chances to make bets on winning Serie A, Serie B, the Champions League or any other football event.

In the formulation of the prediction, keep the motivation and state of mind of the teams. The stakes in a game (win the league, qualifying for the Champions League, relegation to Serie B ...) or the amount of the prize game, are the key factors of motivation of a football team. But the performance of a team can also depend on other factors. It was supervised a player? It was announced a new purchase? A major player has family problems? These elements may influence the motivation of the group. In a football match, the difference in motivation between the two teams often makes the difference.

At the end of the season, it is not uncommon to see a great team in Serie A, having now no other goals to achieve, is defeated by a team fighting to avoid relegation to Serie B. In modern football, the union between motivation and state of 'positive mood is often decisive. Take the example of the domestic cups every year the so-called "little" excited to play and supermotivate, tip the odds against Serie A or B. You can observe the same phenomenon at the World Championships and Europe: here, the countries traditionally considered weaker achieve outstanding performance in the final stage of the tournament.