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In online bookmakers you have a lot of payment methods to choose from. But there is no longer a payment option. Betting pay with debit was abolished due to numerous frauds and chargebacks from banks. Since the online bookmaker will sit in paid and the banks reversals of sports betting with debit on the costs and expensive collection must switch offices, dispenses with that payment and exclusively focused on payment, where a chargeback or a rejection by the Bank or the Customers can not occur.

Of course can not be lumped all direct debit customers. But it has shown in the past in incidence that just in sports betting frequently appeared with debit problems and banks rejected the submitted debit of the bookmaker, or the customer of the amounts debited debit disagreed and online bookmaker did not come to his money for this reason. You can only use the money betting conclude that allows you actually have and that you can transfer in different ways to your betting account. Betting with direct debit, you will not find in more providers and therefore can exclude that you hope when betting on a withdrawal from the manufacturer and so can also make bets without a covered account.

The dishonesty of some bettors has caused the exclusion of discount direct debits and led to sports betting with debit at the present time are no longer possible. For direct debits the reversal is especially easy since you can revoke up to 3 weeks at your bank the direct debit, the customer, and the money banking customer can book back to your account without giving reasons as online. Of course you should expect a return booked direct debit with costs. However, it has often made ??use of these tactics anyway and debits reversed, even though profits with direct debit has been made ??in sports betting. Clearly you can expect in this case the fact that the fraud was planned and decided by sports betting with debit from the outset.

Already at the end of the bet and the desire to offers for sports betting debit the customer was clear that he returned the book direct debit and so will have more money available. The consequences for the scammers play no role at the moment, because he could not otherwise example from addiction and forced out due to financial deficits or criminal thoughts at sports betting with debit to a chargeback and cancel the direct debit.