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In our days it is possible to find thousands of sites online gambling: there are poker rooms, casinos, bingo and sports betting that make the choice rather difficult, especially for those who want to play with their own money. Many of these sites have a good reputation, but there are some who have shown little serious and reliable. Here is a list of top class Microgaming casinos which offers best casino bonuses and freebies

I had the opportunity to play poker and I did a lot of online sports betting, I happened to win as well as lose. When I won, most of the sites have paid me very quickly, but some have delayed the payment for several months. The experience I have had over the years has taught me that the most reputable casinos are those that are affiliated and are therefore part of large companies that require gambling sites follow all rules and regulations pertaining to the casino, poker rooms and gambling sites.

There are also some very large gambling sites that operate casinos, sports betting and poker room of their property. Most of these sites are reliable and, after your first deposit, they also offer cash incentives, with which you can risking your money. The latest buzz in the world of online games, is represented by games for mobile. The casino for mobile are a thriving business and you think that this mode will generate a movement of money in the order of multi million dollars. If you are looking for Top Swedish Casino then you should visit, you will surely find few casinos which suit your needs.

Currently, there are applications for Android, iPhone and smartphone, but still there are many sites that offer the chance to play with the mobile although this number is increasing rapidly in the last year. So far the sites that allow the game with mobile are all reputable casinos, but in the very near future with the increase in the number the risk of shady characters present themselves on the market, so take the utmost care when you choose a site.

Play at the casino or make a sports bet or play poker can be an exciting experience and you can meet some interesting people at the tournaments. One tip that you should always keep in mind is to ask yourself a limit and play within it without ever going over.