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Under the motto: "Sure the game and back," organized by the Motorsport Arena together with the Football Association of Saxony-Anhalt and with the support of the dealership Schubert Motors on 22 June 2012 a driver safety training with current and former players FSA selection of female and male range. driving license acquisition is one of the most awaited events in the life of an adolescent. The opportunities for mobility and especially the disposal of their own vehicles symbolize in their eyes independence, richness of experience and the feeling of freedom.

Your subsequent use on the road, however, is nationwide, influenced by the far the highest risk of being involved in road traffic.  We see this joint action to contribute to road safety work with the target group of adolescents and young adults. You are almost daily on our roads, commuting between home and work or school location and its sports clubs back and forth. We want them to always be sure to come to the game and back. In terms of the main causes of accidents particularly provides the "driving under the influence of alcohol" in this age group a particular problem.

We want to sensitize our teammates also for these problems. A big thank you to the Motorsport Arena for the implementation of safety training and the dealership Schubert Motors for providing the vehicles. The junior course is aimed primarily at young people under 25 years and beginners. The driving course is the ideal introduction to a secure and confident driving style, especially for young people with limited driving experience. It provides valuable knowledge to cope with risks in everyday road traffic. It raises awareness of the surprising and critical moments.

The basic course is the ideal training for every driver. The advanced course builds on the basic course at the Motorsport Arena. The Ladies Course is aimed at women who do not want to be under pressure to perform for male "competition" in their training, take into account the rate for drivers aged 55 and returners especially the interests of older drivers, the dark Course is the ideal training for drivers who are more likely to go in the evening and the transporter course is aimed at drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.