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Who does not dream of safe profits in sports betting and other lotteries? In the lotteries drawings correspond to pure coincidence, therefore a safe or guaranteed profit is not possible here. Sports Betting at the profit opportunities are determined by the ratio calculations of bookmakers. The bookies obviously try to calculate the odds so that they are always at an advantage over the betting friend. As it now but are umpteen different bookmakers and calculate all the different odds for a sporting event, it is indeed possible that a profit can be made by combining different quotas, no matter what the sporting event starts. They call this win bet also sure bets.

Sure Bets rate differences resulting from the different bookmakers, rate a sporting event differently. Every team, player or result which is determined with a betting odds, must be evaluated by a bookmaker according to specific criteria. These assessments result from statistics, current form, injuries, and other suspended players other clues that are important for the calculation of quotas. Rated as one of the bookmakers Bayern Munich in a home game with a ratio of 1.12, while the other bookmaker holds a ratio of 1.15 is realistic. So it is with a draw and a victory for the away team.

Since the various bookmakers calculate and publish different rates, it may now come to the ideal combination that all three options (home, draw, away win), about a pre-calculated amount and then wins, no matter how the match ends. Of course, this placement does not go with a bookmaker, but you have to make the bookmaker from many bookmakers identify which establishes the cheapest and best odds.

Sure Bets are often offered by certain companies on the Internet and demonstrated that want to sell your software for the placement of the Sure Bet. The details of these alleged Sure Bets often do not match with the actual odds of bookmakers, or have become obsolete. In the sure bets the same condition as when forex trading is. Arbitrage and rate differences can only be used when you can quickly take advantage of the betting account and the betting market. Otherwise, you can forget the arbitrage business, as the betting odds no longer exists.