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The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 prohibits the American players to participate in any form of sports betting at land based levels and another of act of UIGE Act prohibits the players from participating in any form of online sports betting websites. It is good news for the American residents that many American sports betting sites have emerged to help out the US residents to participate and bet on sports teams and players.

The American sports betting sites offer really good methods of deposit as well as withdrawal of money plus since these are the top rated sports betting websites therefore you can get your payment within a week itself. On this website, we have reviewed several American sports betting sites which accept the US residents and allow them to bet on their favorite sports and players. These websites also offer ample amount of national and international sports games to bet hence, you get a wider variety of games options which you can take advantage of once you register yourself with any one of these sports betting website.

We have listed some of the top rated American sports betting sites on this page from where the visitors can reach these websites. Betting through these websites is pretty easy because the financial transactions are easily maintained and these websites also offer easy USA sports book withdrawal methods which are specially designed for the American players. You can get your winnings via cheques, western union, money gram, bank wire or debit card sports book payout. Depending upon the withdrawal method that you opt for, you will get your winnings accordingly within a couple of days which can range from the same day up to one week time. Hence, you can see that you get ample amount of USA sports book withdrawal methods if you opt and bet through these given listed websites.

Since betting is really easy at these websites therefore, the question arises that is sports betting legal in the US? As we have already described that certain state and federal laws prohibits gambling in America but these do not ban the participation in the offshore online sports betting sites. Therefore, the players are very much free to participate in these websites.