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Tracing the origin and popularity of Tennis

Most of the sports that are in existence today, the majority of them have its origin to the ancient times. Amongst those, many sports are still played with the same enthusiasm and today, we will take the time to trace the origin of one such game.

Origin of the game based on facts

It is believed that tennis is that a game date back to 1000 of years and much evident says that it has its relation with the ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Evidence like the Arabic word “Rahat” is similar to the word racket and the Egyptian town “Tinnis” has its resemblance to tennis. Avail otherinformation on the sport at TheBingoOnline.

Similar stories can be found from all over the wo0rld where it has been strongly manifested that the sport has its strong relation in the ancient era.

Spread of the sport

One story signifies that the game was played by the French Monks in their Monastery and many believed that the word tennis was introduced by the monks here. Later, it grew popular in the area and expanded from the boundary of the monastery to all over the Europe.

It has been said that until the 13th century, the game was played on a larger scale and some 1800 indoor courts were established. The game became so popular that the Pope of the Church, King Louis IV attempted to ban the game, but to no avail.

It spread all over the England and made Henry VII and Henry VIII its big fans. They also ordered the establishments of many courts throughout the country. One of such court was built in the Hampton Court Place and still exists.

Evolution of the sport

Well, the sport was on constant evolution through these years and many modifications were added to (Know more about: sports reviews). For example, the modification of the indoor courts, the balls, that was wooden and was made bouncier with the use of leather materials.

Initially, the game was played with the bare hands and later the gloved were introduced. By the 16th century, wooden rackets were introduced and a cork ball weighing 3 ounces.

However, all these changes don’t prevail today and it is a lot different from what we know today.

Popularity of the Sport

The popularity of the sport rose around 1700, but again it was revolutionized in 1850. Charles Goodyear began the process of vulcanization and with this; the game could be played outdoors too.

Many years later, Major Walter C. Wingfield initiated some rules and introduced some equipment for the game and the court sized was modified as well. The game was later spread across the world and many countries started playing it.

After that the game never stopped playing and people across the world showed their interest in the sport. This also led to the introduction of many Championships and other competition.

Today, Tennis has its importance in the world of sport and seen as a matured form of sport.